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Ministers of Hospitality/Ushers

The Minister of Hospitality is equipped for this ministry by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These gifts make that ministry effective and enable the minister to build up the Body of Christ. In their welcome and Christ-like attitude, ministers of hospitality ensure that the faithful see and experience the love of Christ.


The ministry of hospitality is crucial because it is so visible in the Church. Certainly the attitude, conduct and even the appearance of the minister of hospitality directly affect, either positively or negatively, the experience of the faithful at Mass.


Those who desire to serve as minister of hospitality should be active and faithful members of the Church. They should be of godly character and reputation. Respect for others, discretion and appropriate decorum are the hallmarks of a minister of hospitality. Above all, ministers should be noted for their care to the assembly. These qualities are found in a mature Christian – qualities that transcend chronological age.


Furthermore, the minister should be comfortable meeting and greeting others. They must always extend a sense of welcome to others and make them feel at home. Such qualities are a blessing, especially to the stranger in our midst.


Minister's of Hospitality are used broadly to include those men and women who serve their parishes in the liturgical ministries of Usher or Greeter.

What does a Minister do?

  1. welcomes everyone

  2. offers assistance to all

  3. is punctual

  4. makes an effort to get a replacement if necessary

  5. looks approachable and SMILE

  6. welcomes and achnowledge EVERYONE, making them feel at home

  7. opens doors for those who are physically challenged and offer assistance

  8. ensures safety and access especially during the winter months

  9. politely answer questions

  10. clooses Gift Bearers and assist them during the Offertory Proession

  11. respectfully collect the Offering of the Faithful

  12. seats latecomers with as little disturbance as possible - not during readings or Gospel

  13. takes an active part in the Liturgy

  14. helps those who have taken ill

  15. distributes bulletins and collect St. Vincent de Paul contributions at the END of Mass

  16. says goodbye and God Bless

  17. ensures that the pews and church are tidy at the end of Mass

Completion of Responsible Faith Ministry Police Waiver is required.


Ministry Lead - Carmen Armenti


To join this ministry, please call the parish office, 905.356.7533 --

or drop your name, phone number and ministry in the collection.


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