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Responsible Faith Ministry is the screening process designed to create and maintain a safe environment, implemented by the Diocese of St. Catharines at the request of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario and is a permanent feature of diocesan and parish operations.


Volunteering has been the mainstay of most programs conducted in our parishes. The programs and ministries that our parishes offer have been designed to enrich and improve parish communities.  We continue to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of thousands of volunteers from young adolescents to senior citizens.


It involves any activity of a volunteer ministry - - whether paid or unpaid, volunteer or staff -- which, by virtue of the position, could bring about harm to children, youth, or other vulnerable persons.


All ministries that provide programs to vulnerable people have a responsibility to ensure appropriate screening of their volunteers. This responsibility is moral, legal, and spiritual; it is not only the ‘right’ thing to do but it is legally required under the ‘Duty of Care’ concept.


The Responsible Faith Ministry screening process is our commitment to protecting both our volunteers and those they serve.  This process is designed to create and maintain a safe environment. It involves assessing risk, establishing ministry descriptions, discerning suitability of the individual for the task, training, supervision and follow up.


Completion of Responsible Faith Ministry Police Waiver is required.





Responsible Faith Ministry



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