Marriage preparation courses are designed to nourish the love relationship you share as a couple. Commitment, Communication and Conflict Resolution: these are the three top attributes of couples married happily for more than 25 years. The function of marriage preparation is to provide you with the tools that will help you live your marriage with all three of these components being strong and healthy.


The course, led by married facilitating couples, covers a variety of topics including sacramentality of marriage, effective communication, conflict resolution, intimacy and sexuality in marriage, finances and family of origin. Much of the course time is spent with the two of you talking to each other. This is a chance to move away from the stress of the wedding plans and learn or freshen up the skills you will need for a happy marriage.


The Diocese of St. Catharines requires that couples planning to marry participate in one of the Marriage Preparation programs offered at some of the parishes. To benefit more fully from the Marriage Preparation program, it is best to participate as early as possible.


St. Thomas More Church currently does not have a Marriage Preparation Program however, that can change. Six to eight couples are required to get it up on running.  Couples would prepare 20 minute talks to be given Friday night - Saturday morning+afternoon. Couples willing to assist, but not wanting to give a talk are needed for registration, refreshments etc.


The advantage of having a Marriage Prep. team is that a bond of freindship forms among the team couples at the same time as they have the rewarding opportunity of meeting and encouraging engaged couples on their way to marriage. Also, taking on such a role in the life of the parish would require only one weekend a year (and perhaps two or three preliminary meetings for planning purposes). You need not be in a "perfect" marriage; just willing to share candidly what may have been tantalizing and challenging moments.


Every Christian married couple has an obligation to support those preparing for marriage.  Please call Father Peter at 905.356.7533 to discuss your interest.



Together for Life: Marriage Preparation Program