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June 5


June 5

Eucharistic Adoration

Benediction: May 6

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"Stay-at- Home" Order

While the province and Niagara live through this next phase of

restrictions meant to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, we are permitted to have no more than ten people at Mass -- radically reducing attendance. For weekday Masses, that means: (1) priest; (2) Sr. Loretta; (3 or 4) reader (and spouse); (5 or 6) cleaner; (7, 8) family of the day's intention; (9, 10) parishioners (taking turns daily). On Sundays, this now includes the music ministers. To attend a weekday Mass, call Fr. Peter 905.356.7533;

to attend a Sunday Mass, call Anna Racine 905.358.3412.


Confirmations or First Communions will not be taking place this May -- until we can properly have these.


To reduce cleaning responsibilities, all are asked to sit as close to the front as possible. Other measures may be implemented as the parish pastoral team sees fit. Be sure to check the website.

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