Catechumenate (R.C.I.A.)

Initiation, Reception, Confirmation of R.C.I.A. Participants

Adult Catechumenate (R.C.I.A.) - Congratulations!

Jolene McKinley, Paul Tomkins, Brandon Fife


Natashia Bell, Nina Wilson

Our thanks go out to their (parish) sponsors and to Mary Flynn for helping prepare them for this important step!

If you or anyone you happen to know is interested in the Catholic faith, whether to look into it more or perhaps to become Catholic, now is the time to inform us -- leave your name, phone number or

e-mail with the office and you will be contacted!

If you fit any one of the following descriptions (or if you know of someone who does), please complete the form below.

  • anyone who wants to join the Catholic Church

  • anyone who wants to consider entering the Church

  • anyone who was baptized but never received the other sacraments

  • anyone who simply wishes to inquire about Catholicism

  • anyone Catholic who feels that they would like to review or increase their knowledge of the faith

  • (and at the same time, act as a parish sponsor for an inquirer)

Our parish annually celebrates the beginning of a new journey into the faith for those interested in joining our Catholic family. This process of welcome into the Catholic Church is called the Catechumenate or the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (often identified by its initials -- R.C.I.A.)


Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults